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PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer

Your PRIVATE DRIVER in the Var department

PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer

Think differently, travel differently ...


Re serve now your  private driver  to move serenely in the town of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer  to move in the city of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer  to make your trips and to go without constraints in  various places in the city of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer  in the greatest  tranquility , without having to worry about the time of transport, your  private driver  is  committed to answer your needs and your expectations. 

When booking your  private driver on the city of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer,  two different ranges of high-end sedans are offered  : 

The AFFAIRE range offers 3 different luxury vehicles, each of which can accommodate a total of 4 people and 4 luggage: 

- Peugeot 508 GT 

- Mercedes C-Class 

- BMW 3 Series 

If you need  to you  move accompanied by a large number of travelers, the NPV range is for you. It offers large luxury vehicles, each with 8 passengers and 8 luggage: 

- Mercedes S-Class 

- BMW 7 Series 

The top-of-the -range sedans made available to you by the company Chauffeurs des îles d'or, for your comfort, each contain at their edges: 

- Free internet connection 

- a credit card payment system 

- an  Ipad  containing a wide range of films and series to keep you occupied during the transport 

When booking your  private driver , a place, a date and a time  to  been set, your  private chauffeur  will you discreetly  retrieve  the places and time c onvenue in the city of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer. 

Your  private driver,  he is a bilingual  aguerri , and will take care of your correspondents from other nations. 

Do not wait a second more and let yourself be tempted by the professionalism of your  private driver, as well as the comfort provided by the various sedan companies that the Chauffeur des Iles d'or makes available to you. more wait your  private chauffeur  to make your trips in all serenity in the peaceful town of  Rayol  Canadel Sur Mer.  






  • Passengers max. 4
  • Luggage max. 4
PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer


  • Passengers max. 8
  • Luggage max. 8
PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer


  • Passengers max. 3
  • Luggage max. 3
PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer

PRIVATE DRIVER Rayol Canadel Sur Mer - VTC Rayol Canadel Sur Mer - Uber Rayol Canadel Sur Mer - Alternative à un Taxi Rayol Canadel Sur Mer